Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

Multilingual Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

Market expansion and business globalization have opened up a huge demand for multilingual desktop publishing and typesetting, especially as the written word is still the most powerful online tool businesses have at their disposal. As a result, Polilingua has committed itself to ensuring that clients gain only the highest quality of work when engaging our services, no matter what language or languages they require source documents translated into.

In addition, Polilingua is capable of producing entirely new material in a multitude of different languages should clients prefer, as our highly experienced team members all have extensive knowledge of targeting local communities. Not only is this work of the highest quality, but it is also very inexpensive and thus an ideal avenue to pursue for businesses of all sizes looking to broaden their profit margins and compartmentalise their marketing budgets – simply contact us for a free quote and let us do the rest!

Software Used

Polilingua uses the latest hardware and software which, along with our team of language experts, designers and proof readers, creates highly professional documentation which can be transferred instantly to offices, printers or company representatives worldwide. This is why Polilingua has such a strong reputation in deadline delivery targets!

One of the top programmes in our arsenal is Adobe InDesign which, along with being able to create business promotional material such as flyers or posters, is now able to produce content for use on tablet devices and smartphones – a definite boon in today’s technologically focused world. In conjunction with InDesign, we also use Adobe PageMaker which, although perhaps a little less advanced than its brand partner, is nevertheless a firm favourite with businesses seeking a document which lays out their company information clearly and concisely for the mass market.

Along with fantastic page layout and top quality written content, most businesses require their promotional material and in-house documents to come with equally high quality images. This is where software such as Photoshop and CorelDRAW come into play.

Both are ideal for creating perfect desktop publishing designs as each ensures the images required by our clients can be annotated and edited to fit the pieces of written text they shall accompany. While we typically use Photoshop to alter photographs, as the name suggests, CorelDRAW is our go-to for drawings, designs and artistic pieces thanks to the specialist designs in its collection. Clients can choose a combination of photographs and drawings, if desired, to include in their final document.

Finally, QuarkXPress completes our software line up by becoming the glue which holds all publications together. As it runs on both Windows and Mac computers, it is the ideal programme for digital export and ensures that clients will receive their digital copy in exactly the same condition it leaves our designers. QuarkXPress is capable of creating extremely complex page layouts, so is therefore the ideal programme for businesses seeking to release a company handbook or annual newsletter.

Types of Languages

While the software is very important in multilingual desktop publishing and typesetting, it is our translators who truly ensure the finished product will be of the best quality possible. Each translator in our team is highly experienced and is fluent in a minimum of two languages, with many specialising in the less common languages spoken in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Due to most languages having particular quirks, Polilingua believes it is important for our translators to work closely with the design team in ensuring the correct tone and level of formality is met in order to best appeal to the target market of our clients. This process makes us feel confident in assuring 100 per cent client satisfaction every time.

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.