Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

The need for multi-lingual publishing services in South Africa is steadily increasing as the world becomes more globalized and markets expand. PoliLingua has the ability to inexpensively produce new material or convert source documents and written material into one or many languages. This gives you great flexibility in targeting local communities that have a variety of languages and international markets with high quality materials in each areas native tongue.

South African languages
We have a wealth of experience with our local South African translation team members that are based in the major cities including Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria. This means that they are constantly working in the wide variety of commonly spoken languages in the country.
The most common languages include Xhosa, Zulu, Afrikaans and English and by having the ability to produce written material in each language you can better reach your target audience. Our expert team members have the experience producing new and translate documents such as:

  • Brochures and sales information
  • Multi-lingual product packaging and instructions
  • Promotional material and advertisements
  • Books pamphlets and notices
  • Forms and contracts

Our service can save you money by producing the material you need in one, two or several different languages, instead of having the initial publishing work done and then translating it each time you need to target a new language. We can produce the documents that you require including full graphic design services and deliver in any or all of the commonly spoken South African languages or in any language from around the world.

Industry experience
Our South African based translation teams have extensive experience producing new material and converting existing documents using industry standard software. This includes using products from Adobe, CorelDraw and PageMaker. They also partner with our professional graphics design team so that no matter the language that you need the produced work in, they will look attractive and interesting.
The fully trained professional members of our team work in the format and document types you require so that we produce work that is fully compatible with your own infrastructures. Using the languages, fonts and formatting that you require. This ensures the highest quality product that meets all of the goals you set for the produced product that we deliver.
Our collaborative team based approach means that we can quickly produce several different language version of the needed publication at the same time. This makes us the best choice when you require fast turnaround times while still being affordable and of the highest quality. Our central server based collaboration platform allows specific translation team members in Johannesburg and Cape Town to seamlessly integrate production with a graphics designer and Durban and quality assurance members in Pretoria. This level of collaboration allows us to employ the best people no matter where they are situated and lower our costs of production while increasing efficiencies.

Language experts
The need for translations services continues to expand and our philosophy of having the most experiences people in our translation and publishing teams will ensure that you get the best documents delivered in the shortest possible time. Each member is fluent in two or more languages and so that they can bring the true nuances that are needed in high quality translated documents. This not only translates the words but the ideas and information contained in the words in a way that a native speaker reading the document can comprehensively understand.
This is particularly important in sales and promotional materials because the credibility of the product can be adversely affected if a translation uses unusual phrasing or inappropriate wording. Our highly trained linguists are able to translate and produce original material in multiple languages.Each language has its own culturally specific way of addressing the subject matter in the published materials. This can mean small changes in tone and formality are needed to properly convey the reasons why a person should use a product or contact a business.

  • Experienced translators
  • Recognized qualifications
  • Up to date training
  • Always culturally aware
  • Translates ideas not just words

Latest technology
The written word is hardly ever ‘written’ any more. Computers with powerful software dominate publishing and we use the latest combinations of hardware and software for the highest compatibility and efficiency. The ability for work to be shared makes quality control simpler and more comprehensive.
The reason why we use the latest hardware and software is because they allow our translators, designers and proofers to work together more efficiently. This is the reason that we can offer a comprehensive yet affordable service for our clients in South Africa and in all parts of the world. It also enables us to maintain contact with you whereever you are. We can take your digital documents or publishing guidelines and then send the finished work to your local office, printer or representative instantly.

  • Latest high powered hardware
  • Newest software
  • Fast internet connection
  • Always contactable
  • Digital transmission

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We use only translators carefully selected to match the subject matter and content of your project. Our translations meet and exceed international quality standards. Upon request, we will provide you with a statement which certifies the accuracy of our translations.