Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services

We now have interpreting services in South Africa so that we can offer individuals, businesses and NGOs the ability to quickly and efficiently have conversations interpreted in the many local languages and in a wide variety of foreign languages from all parts of the world. We have experienced interpreters in Cape Town and several other strategic locations around the country. They are available for any interpreting tasks that you require and at rates that make it affordable in any situation.

Business interpreting services
It is important to be able to discuss and understand business deals and because of the wide variation in native languages in South Africa it can be helpful to have a completely unbiased specialist interpreter that can ensure that everyone involved understands what is being discussed. Our experienced interpreters can be booked at any time that is convenient and we have a wide range of local and foreign language interpreters available.
We can arrange for services delivered in person or via the telephone so that you can use our services anywhere and at anytime. This gives you great flexibility and also allows top quality services in remote location and on site where it would be prohibitively expensive to have an interpreter come in person.
Having an interpreter that understands the languages involved and also the cultural context of what is being said can be a great help in the negotiation process. This can stop inadvertent mistakes being made, allow business people to negotiate so that all parties completely understand each other, including their rights and responsibilities.

  • Local language interpreting
  • Foreign language interpreting
  • Affordable interpreting
  • Professional and reliable personnel

Medical interpreting services
It can be unfortunate when we become sick or need medication but cannot speak the local language well enough to have our medical needs taken care of adequately. Our interpreters can allow you to quickly and efficiently explain your medical needs or problems in any of the usual South African languages.
This is a low cost way of ensuring that you are getting the right information to the medical professional that you are talking to and that you completely understand the treatment that they are recommending. Our great team of Johannesburg interpreters is able to meet any combination of local and foreign languages that you need to.
Simply contact our call centre and they will arrange the service you require at the time you require it. Our industry leading rates make this a cheap and easy to access solution when you need to have complete clarity in any medical situation. The convenience of being able to do the interpreting over the phone also reduces the cost significantly and allows us to offer the service anywhere that you are able to make a phone call in any country in the world.

  • Experienced medical interpreters
  • Telephone interpreters
  • Huge range of languages
  • Low cost

Legal and emergency interpreters
One of the important areas that our interpreters in South Africa cover are legal and emergency problems that need to be resolved quickly but are hampered by the language barrier. This can be anything from a problem with a parking officer or a parking ticket to translating you conversation with a police officer or other emergency services personnel.
Our experienced personnel can quickly allow you to communicate the problem so that the people that you are conversing with can resolve the situation. When you are unable to explain yourself then a small problem can rapidly escalate.
Traffic accidents can be a nightmare when you are dealing with several parties that are speaking in another language can mean that you are not able to present your version of events or understand what others are saying. Our interpreters in South Africa can make sure that you know everything being discussed and that your exact words are relayed to police and other parties.
It is always stressful when you are involved in legal action be it criminal or civil and if the proceedings are not in your native language. We can provide an interpreter that can keep you fully informed through the proceedings and help you to ask questions and make statements in the native language that is being used.

  • Available when you need them
  • Experienced in legal and emergency interpreting
  • Interpreting for you
  • Explain your views in the local language

The many different languages in South Africa and wide variety of South Africans visiting overseas and foreigners visiting South Africa make the availability of low cost and quickly contactable interpreters a vital service. If you are traveling somewhere where you do not speak the native language in the local area then contacting our service and using it to help you be completely understood can solve many problems that the language barrier presents. We are available to help you when you need us and at a price that makes it affordable in any situation.


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